$85 Call out fee (inspection/diagnosis)

$100/hr on site service

We provide both onsite service work as well as more in depth or even full restorations of your hot tub in our shop.

$250 Driveway drop off
$450 Reconnect to power, fill start,and tutorial.
(No tub is created equal, feel free to call and discuss your specific delivery needs)

Used/New parts are also available.

Please call: 6048071586


Basic Start up Kit $350
Includes chemicals, spare filter and Ozone box.
All Spa Repairs prides itself on the level of care
and attention we provide to our customers water.
You never have to worry about your hot tub water being
unsafe. All Spa Repairs has everything covered from
comprehensive training to ozone, salt water, and UV light.
Call Us today to begin the path to cleaner
and safer water.


Average cost of electrical hook up $1000 (can provide electrician if needed)
GFCI Breaker $200
We can reconnect power but have to provide a licensed electrician to do hook ups to main panel box.
Whether you’re purchasing a brand new hot tub,
relocating an existing hot tub removing a hot tub
all together. All Spa Repairs is there for you.
No job is too large or too small for All Spa Repairs.
Call us today to discuss your job.


We also carry a variety of covers, chemicals
parts and accessories for sale. Feel free to call
to set up a time to come by and visit, we are more.
than happy to help out!

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